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In recent years, a new trend for European charm bracelets has 
emerged in both Europe and North America. 
These modular bracelets consist of a chain onto which 
different beads or 'charms' can be assembled.  

During the past few years, the fashion industry has once again 
discovered the lure and love of the charm bracelet. 
They appeal to a diverse customer 
base of all ages due to the range of beads available.  
The market has been flooded with different charm styles 
and certainly varied prices.  

Fashion giants have brought back the glamour to
 wearing charm bracelets, making them the must-have 
accessory for any occasion. 

With Ms. June’s Charms, it is possible to build a bracelet or a key ring 
for a fraction of the price, using many of the same beads that the
 fashion giants use, and no one will know the difference.

Note: Please check out,,, 
and to see comparable and/or some of the 
same beads. Theirs sell for $10-$30 dollars and up to 
$100.00 for each individual bead and charm.


Each one has an average of 20 lovely beads and charms.  
Among them are glass charm beads (the inside centers of 
most beads are stamped with 925 for sterling silver). 
The beads include various colors in Murano glass, Lampwork 
glass, painted porcelain, foil, polymer clay, crystal and an occasional 
frosted acrylic bead. Silver tone spacers,
 stopper beads and dangle beads complete the bracelet.  
The bracelet is silver plated and can be made in any length you like.  

Measure your wrist and add one inch to accommodate the beads. 

The traditional Pandora style bead clasp 
(that looks like one of the beads when fastened) 
has a  tiny hinge on one side and slot on the other side 
that pries open with your fingernail.  Make sure the tiny 
prong sits in the appropriate slot when closing.  
Lobster clasps are also available for the bracelets.

Note: To take proper care of your bracelet, rinse occasionally in 
warm sudsy water and rinse thoroughly and dry gently.  
I roll it in a towel for a few minutes to absorb the moisture. 
This will keep it from tarnishing and will keep the beads sparkling.

The testimony from all the gals who own one of my bracelets is 
that the pictures do not do them justice.  
They are so much more beautiful in person!

I appreciate you stopping by!

European Charm Bracelets and Key Rings ~ Beautifully Affordable
Murano Glass and Lampwork beads and European Bracelets have always held a fascination for me because of my love for jewelry and deep appreciation for color and texture. Their richness and complexity of pattern are timeless. Each year, in hopes that the prices would get more reasonable, I would go to the mall and check out the cost of putting a bracelet together and each year they got more expensive! I would build one online and total it up to$1,100.00, try another site and come up with $745.00. And so, I decided to search out individual beads and create my own at a price 
I could afford. Knowing that so many other ladies feel this same way, I wanted to make them available to friends, family and eventually, the general public.  

This process lead to making purchases of multiple beads, and introducing Ms. June's Charms as a new online European Charm Bracelet boutique. Many of the beads I purchase are the same ones used by high end stores. I hope you enjoy looking, buying and wearing Ms. June's bracelets!  

I am includng a couple You Tube videos for your education if you are not familiar with Murano Glass beads. Watching the beads made is "like" a totally wonderful experience!  
The first video is about Troll Beads.  They are the company that introduced these kind of beads back in the 1970's. 
30 years ago people wore tie dyed clothes, and "way" big hair was in. ABBA had just released "Arrival" and "Saturday Night Fever" was about to take the world, along with the European charm bracelet!

1976 was between the hippie age and the disco era; political awareness was declining and the need for parties, dancing and good times was on the rise. And if you were "with it" you had a leather string around your neck. It was here, in this period, the first Trollbead made its entrance.

From there many other companies have made and sold these glass beads.  The popularity of European Bracelets today in 2011 testifies to their beauty and longevity. I love introducing them to family and friends who never had the
opportunity to see them up close and personal.